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Wash & fold

Laundry Collection Customers bring their dirty laundry to our facility or schedule a pickup and delivery service.s. Washing Laundry is washed in commercial-grade machines using detergents and settings suitable for each fabric type. Folding and Packaging Clean and dry laundry is folded neatly according to customer preferences. Sorting Laundry is…
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Spot cleaning

Identification of Stains The first step in spot cleaning is identifying the type of stain or spot on the material. Different stains, such as oil, wine, ink, or food, may require different cleaning techniques or solvents. Testing Before applying the chosen cleaning agent directly to the stain, a small, inconspicuous…
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Comforters, pillows, table cloths

Comforters Drop-off and Pick-up Customers can drop off their comforters at our location or schedule a convenient pick-up and delivery service. Thorough Cleaning Ensuring that comforters are thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove allergens and maintain freshness. Quality Detergents Using high-quality, hypoallergenic detergents suitable for various fabric types. Acid-Free Packaging…
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Suedes & leathers

Cleaning Suede Brushing Start by using a soft-bristle suede brush or a suede eraser to remove loose dirt and restore the nap (the fine, raised fibers). Gently brush in one direction to avoid damaging the suede. Steam Cleaning Stubborn stains can be treated with steam. Hold the stained area over…
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Bridal dress preservation

Cleaning Before preservation, the wedding dress must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any visible and invisible stains, such as dirt, sweat, makeup, or food stains. It’s crucial to choose a professional cleaner experienced in wedding dress cleaning, as the gown’s delicate fabrics and intricate embellishments require special care. Storage Store…
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